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Workshop 2: Old Masters Series – Burnett, Boger, Boericke

  1 Oct 2022


With Dion Tabrett, Dr Ashok Borkar and Dr Gajanan Dhanipkar. Live online. 1st October 09.00-17.45. Part of the Old Masters Workshop series celebrating the work of James Tyler Kent, James Burnett, William Boericke, C. M Boger and Clemens Von Bonninghausen.

As a homeopath the many different approaches to prescribing can at times be overwhelming.

We all have stuck cases and occasionally need to stand back, take a deep breath and review how and why we are doing things in  a certain way. Visiting the teachings of the Old Masters can be the key to solving this dilemma and revitalising your practice.

Whether you are starting out in practice or have many years experience behind you, the Old Masters Series offers something for everyone.

In the delivery of the Old Masters Series we have a team of international speakers gearing up to bring new life into the old teachings based on many years experience and success in practice.

The Work of Burnett with Dion Tabrett

Dion Tabrett will present an in-depth exploration of the clinical practice of homeopathic medicine as utilised by James Compton Burnett.

James Compton Burnett (1840-1901) was a legendary prescriber, prolific author and had by the end of his life, the most successful practice in London.

Burnett always championed “free thought in medical matters” and employed homeopathic medicine to the huge benefit of his patients. His results where astounding – cured cases of tuberculosis, vaccinosis, fistula and both benign and malignant tumours. If we could routinely replicate these results today then it would undoubtedly push our profession ever forwards. After all, results speak for themselves.

One of the main components to such success was his differentiation between the symptomatic simillimum and the pathological simillimum. This presentation will explore, define and give clinical examples of both.

Dion will use case histories to illustrate Burnett’s ideas by covering three main areas: organopathic medicine, Hahnemannian homeopathy and medical doctrines(miasms, nosodes, aetio-pathology prescribing & vaccinosis).

Boger’s key to success with Dr Ashok Borkar

Dr Ashok Borkar will be joining us live from India to explore C M Boger’s key to success.

Boger was highly appreciated by patients and peers for his skill in prescribing for complicated cases. It is this success in treating so called incurable cases that brought him patients from all over the world.

Boger advocated simple techniques of constructing the totality of symptom. Dr Ashok will use this approach to show us how to help find effective solutions for both cases with characteristic symptoms as well as cases with paucity of symptoms.

Understanding Boericke – between the lines and it’s clinical application with Dr Gajanan Dhanipkar

Dr Dhanipkar will also be joining us live from India to discuss Boericke in terms of the pathophysiological correlation and its clinical application to patient remedy relationships.

During the presentation Dr Dhanipkar will highlight how to understand the commonality of the sphere of action, its correlation in relation to the remedy, clinical application and clinical cases.

For more information about the Workshop series and the speakers, please visit our conference website

View a video from Dion Tabrett to see what he will be covering in his lecture.


View a video from Dr Ashok Borkar to see what he will be covering in his lecture.

View a video from Dr Gajanan Dhanipkar to see what he will be covering in his lecture.

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