Lifetime giving

Help us to protect, promote and preserve homeopathy for future generations
Make a gift during your lifetime or leave a legacy in your will

Natural choice

For many of us homeopathy has been the choice of personal healthcare for a number of years. Quite apart from supporting our own and our family’s health, homeopathy is a sustainable and natural alternative for a healthier planet.

By leaving a legacy or gift to the Society of Homeopaths in your Will, you will be playing a vital role in supporting patient choice by helping to keep homeopathy alive for future generations to come.

Protect Promote and Preserve homeopathy

Unlike many other organisations, the Society of Homeopaths have stood fast and true to their values so you can be rest assured that we will always protect, promote and preserve the right for patients to have a choice of healthcare. Our campaigns will always be for the benefit of patients and the profession.

If you value and enjoy access to homeopathy, please consider remembering the Society of Homeopaths in your Will. We understand that you will have family members and other considerations and commitments to make, but once these important factors are taken care of, please think of a gift – however big or small – to the Society of Homeopaths

Vital support for the future

Whatever your reason for giving, every gift provides vital support for our medicine in these challenging times. No matter what its size, your gift will really make a positive impact and a lasting difference to the future of homeopathy.

Legacies free from any restrictions are particularly important as they can be directed to where they are most urgently needed. However if there is a particular activity or region you would like to support, please make your wishes known.

Lifetime Giving

The most tax efficient way to support the Society of Homeopaths is via Lifetime Giving.

It is possible to make gifts during your lifetime, which are not automatically subject to inheritance tax. This is a tax efficient way to support a non-charitable organisation such as the Society of Homeopaths. It goes without saying that we can discuss any particular area of interest such as providing vital information to the public and profession, providing training and support for junior members of the profession, providing a voice for the profession in the media, at government level and in local communities, and ensure that your gift makes a difference in this area.

Leaving a Legacy

If you do choose to remember the Society in your will – thank you! We know that choosing to leave a legacy is a very personal decision, but we would very much appreciate it if you could let us know by emailing us via


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