Position statements

The Society of Homeopaths is committed to choice in healthcare, enabling the public to make informed decisions to achieve and maintain good health. Our registered homeopaths work holistically, offering support to each individual, guided by their specific symptom picture.

As Homeopaths do not claim prevention or complete cure of any named disease, the Society does not permit RSHoms to practise or promote protocols such as CEASE therapy which are dedicated to specific named conditions.

The Society expects professionalism in every aspect of homeopathy practice with clarity for the public regarding the expertise of its registered homeopaths. RSHoms will expect patients to maintain a relationship with their GP and other healthcare professionals involved in their care.

Our Registered Homeopaths will work within their individual Scope of Practice and act appropriately as healthcare professionals in all aspects of their work, adhering to the Society’s Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice. This applies within the consultation as well as professional communications.

RSHoms may only claim expertise in a specialist area or offer an adjunctive therapy if they can provide evidence that they are suitably qualified and insured to do so. RSHoms may give general health advice, such as for nutritional supplements, providing the advice complies with relevant official guidelines and with reference to the Society of Homeopaths Scope of Practice.

Members with qualifications in additional therapies will ensure that the patient is always informed about the treatment modality being offered and consent has been obtained.

The Society does not permit RSHoms to provide advice on, or participate in a patient’s decisions regarding vaccination. In line with current UK law, they may signpost patients to information on vaccination from reliable sources, including the NHS, so that they can make a fully informed decision. Homeopaths will support patients in their decision.

November 2021

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