Society awards


Each year we present a variety of awards to homeopaths and others who have made a significant contribution to homeopathy. Fellowships and Honorary Fellowships are awarded annually at the Society’s AGM, following nominations from registered members.

Nominations should be sent in by the 31st October 2017 for consideration by the Society.


We award Fellowships to registered members of the Society who have shown an outstanding level of passion and commitment to homeopathy or achievement in the profession.

They will have undertaken innovative work either in research, or through the introduction of a new methodology. Their work will have had a positive impact on homeopathy teaching and practice, or made an outstanding contribution over a substantial period of time to the practice, promotion or teaching of homeopathy, significantly contributing to the development of the profession.

Recipients of this award can use the letters FSHom after their names. On retirement their membership status will become FSHom (retired). Should a registered Fellow cancel their membership, they’ll be entitled to use the designation FSHom (Honorary).

The following registered members have been awarded Fellowship of the Society of Homeopaths:
Subrata Banerjea, Marcus Christo, Sue Crump, Zofia Dymitr, George Garlick, Linda Gwillim, Patricia Haggie, Anthony Hurley, Louis Klein, Felicity Lee, John Morgan, David Mundy, Misha Norland, Rachel Roberts, Roger Savage, Neil Slade, Julie Smith, Peter C K Smith, Janet Snowdon, Simon Taffler, Francis Treuherz, and Susan Young.

Jean Duckworth,  John Lee, Jane Wood are Retired Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths.

Honorary Fellowships

We award Honorary Fellowships to people who have made a significant contribution to the development of the profession of homeopathy, but who are not Society members or necessarily homeopaths. They’re entitled to the designation FSHom (Honorary).

Both of these awards are given annually at the Society’s AGM, following nominations from registered members.

The following people are Honorary Fellows of the Society of Homeopaths:
Maria Apps, Grazyna Baran, Robert Barker, Miranda Castro, Peter Chappell, Kate Chatfield, John Churchill, Mary Clarke, Murray Feldman, Barbara Harwood, Asgar Hassanali, Stephen and Sharon Hyde, Chris Jones, Robin Logan, David Needleman, Robert Nichols, Nicky Pool, Clare Relton, Sheila Ryan, Rajan Sankaran, Camilla Sherr, Jeremy Sherr, Michael Thompson, Ian Townsend, Jenni Tree, George Vithoulkas and David Witko.

Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship Guidelines and Nomination Form

Outstanding achievement award

We established this award to recognise outstanding one-off achievements in the practice or promotion of homeopathy, or generally in the field of homeopathy. This award is open to any person or a group of people, who have been involved in any activity that has raised the profile of homeopathy.

Outstanding Achievement Award Guidelines and Nomination Form

Teaching and student awards

We also make awards to our recognised colleges for teaching innovation and development, and to outstanding students.

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