Workshop 3: Old Masters Series – Kent

  22 Oct 2022


With David Mundy. Live online. 22nd October 09.30-12.45. Part of the Old Masters Workshop series celebrating the work of James Tyler Kent, James Burnett, William Boericke, C. M Boger and Clemens Von Bonninghausen.

As a homeopath the many different approaches to prescribing can at times be overwhelming.

We all have stuck cases and occasionally need to stand back, take a deep breath and review how and why we are doing things in  a certain way. Visiting the teachings of the Old Masters can be the key to solving this dilemma and revitalising your practice.

Whether you are starting out in practice or have many years experience behind you, the Old Masters Series offers something for everyone.

In the delivery of the Old Masters Series we have a team of international speakers gearing up to bring new life into the old teachings based on many years experience and success in practice.

Kent – Will & Understanding, Mirror & Magnet with David Mundy FSHom

Kent’s book, ‘Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy,’ was David’s first introduction to homeopathy. At the time (over 45 years ago) he was practicing as an acupuncturist and the book was a gift from a colleague. After reading the first chapter David was ‘hooked’ and so began his long journey of discovery.

Kent’s ideas differed in many respects to Hahnemann and were greatly influenced by the Christian mystic, Emanual Swedenborg. These ideas influenced the development of homeopathy.  The schism that occurred between schools of homeopathy was due, in no small measure, to Swedenborg’s influence.

Kent was a product of his age and David believes that in rejecting his approach outright we may be throwing the baby out with bath water! Can so-called Kentian homeopathy and practical homeopathy ever meet?

In this presentation, using case examples, David will talk about Kent’s philosophy, his influence on him and how he eventually came to develop the idea of ‘The Mirror and the Magnet.’

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