Conference 2024

  18 May 2024


Join us in London this spring for our annual conference. Early bird ends 15th March 2024. Limited tickets! Open to partnership organisations Why do children get ill? - a homeopathic and anthroposophical view of childhood diseases How to nurture health and human potential with Dr Michaela Glöckler Anthroposophic paediatric medicine and homeopathic management with Yubraj Sharma. Friends House 173 - 177 Euston Road, London NW1

Why do children get ill? – a homeopathic and anthroposophical view of childhood diseases

How to nurture health and human potential with Dr Michaela Glöckler

The Greek philosopher Plato already recognised that compared to the perfect animal, humans are deficient beings who need to learn and consciously develop. But how must the environment be equipped so that physical and mental maturation can take place in a healthy way?

Anthroposophic medicine and homeopathy have a great deal in common in terms of approach, diagnosis and application.

Michaela will explore and discuss life processes as well as the mental and spiritual laws that cause growth, development, ageing and death. The value of this approach not only enables new perspectives on diagnostics and therapy, but also provides a foundation for rational primary prevention.

It is common knowledge that upbringing and education not only serve to impart knowledge. These factors are also known to have a fundamental influence on the development of the personality, habits and character of a child.

Later in the day Homeopath Dr Yubraj Sharma will go on to explore the anthroposophical approach alongside the use of homeopathy and herbs to overcome childhood illnesses and diseases.

Anthroposophic paediatric medicine and homeopathic management with Dr Yubraj Sharma

Yubraj will extend the concepts within anthroposophic medicine and philosophy on childhood and  philosophy on childhood and the seven year cycles of biographic development with explanation of a range of common and rare paediatric diseases.

About the speakers 

Dr. Michaela Glöckler is a pediatrician and Waldorf school doctor and co-founder of the Alliance for Childhood and the European Alliance of Initiatives for applied Anthroposophy/ELIANT. She has published the following in English: Education for the Future, Guide to Child Health, The Dignity of the young child, Ethical Considerations in Medicine, Education – Health for Life, Education as Preventive Medicine, Medicine at the Threshold, A Healing Education, Developmental Insights, Truth, Beauty and Goodness and The Future of Education, Healing Arts and Health Care.

Dr Yubraj Sharma completed his medical training in 1991 at Oxford University and King’s College Hospital. After a few years in hospital medicine, he then trained at the Royal London Homeopathic hospital, receiving his homeopathic qualification in 1996. He is the current Medical Dean in the Faculty of Homeopathy. He has a busy private homeopathy practice in Willesden, London and runs three practitioner level courses in homoeopathy, esoteric/medical astrology and herbalism. He is the author of  four books within the fields of homeopathy, spirituality and meditation. He has also trained in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and uses anthroposophical medicine and philosophy as an integral part of his practice.


Light refreshments including biscuits and cake will be served during the day alongside a vegetarian light lunch. If you have any special dietary requirements, please advise on booking. 

Limited tickets!

Open to partnership organisations.

Kindly sponsored by Helios Homoeopathy

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