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World Homeopathy Awareness Week - 10th - 16th Aprilarlene

Don't miss the chance to see Dr Subrata Banerjea in London on 23 April.

It has been labelled 'quackery' with no basis in science. 

But one expert says homeopathy, an alternative 'treatment' where it is purported highly diluted substances can 'heal' the body,  has been unfairly vilified.

The Members' Day held at the Museum of Industry and Science in Manchester this weekend was a great success with inspirational presentations by popular teachers Jackie McTaggart and Mani Norland.

ElectionCalling all Society Registered members not attending the AGM, don't forget to return your postal vote by 5pm Thursday 17th March

Only one week to go to the Members' Day & AGM -  book now to avoid disappointment.

Calling all members, there is still time to book for the Members' Day and AGM! 

Latest News

New route to registration

This summer marks the launch of a simpler route to registration with the Society.

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Sad death of one of Society's founding fathers

It is with great sadness we announce that Stephen Gordon FSHom passed away on 8th July.

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Society calls meeting to discuss countering ASA

The Society  has called a meeting of complementary medicine organisations targeted by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

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Society calls for 'benefit to be construed in the widest sense'



The Society of Homeopaths in responding to the Charity Commission's consultation on organisations promoting CAM, has called for a holistic approach to assessing benefit "benefit must be construed in the widest and most holistic sense.... any evidence of benefit should simply need to be plausible rather than conclusive as the latter would support that scientific validity is a prerequisite of a charity, which it is not"

Elsewhere in the submission the Society called for a variety of types of research and evidence to be used as well as a broad definition of the concept of public benefit. It also highlighted CAM's popularity within the general population and its official endorsement by many governments around the world.

As part of their consultation the Charity Commission held two small workshops to discuss the issue. Attendees included Mark Taylor, CEO of the Society of Homeopaths and Simon Singh, leader of the skeptic movement.

Sue Crump, interim chair of the Society's new Communications Committee, welcomed the Commission's openness but felt it unfortunate that this review had been prompted by the mischievous actions of a small group of ill-informed campaigners. "Nevertheless, we welcome the opportunity to highlight the fantastic work undertaken by CAM charities, the evidence of their effectiveness and the huge public benefit they bring".


The Society's response to the consultation may be viewed here 

New team head up Society


The future of the Society and current issues facing the profession shaped the first meeting of the new board of Directors following the AGM in Oxford in March.

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