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The journey of plants: man-earth evolution & homeopathy

  27 Jun 2021


Webinar with Michal Yakir Sunday 27th June 10.00-16.00 - £30 Society members only

Webinar with Michal Yakir
Sunday 27th June
£30 Society members only


The world of plants is a complete picture of the world.  Plants are the foundation upon which life stands, and they mirror the whole creation, giving us a whole picture of our evolution – and the place where it was halted.  In this webinar Michal will explore the ancient plants and the new plants. She will observe how every group of plants describes a stage in earth – or earth man evolution, from its very beginning of time, seeing how every stage produces a specific pathology, making it a powerful tool in understanding disease in general, and our patients pathology and way to health, in particular a comprehensive view of the stage.


About Michal Yakir

Living in Israel and working as a homeopath for 27 years, Michal has been developing her systematic, evolutionary approach of plants in homeopathy for a very long time. As a former botanist, models ecologist and researcher as well as an ongoing avid gardener, she was intrigued by the homeopathic implications of the evolutionary order found in nature, particularly in the plant kingdom. Investigating the question for many years, adding clinical observation, late night studies, new homeopathic ideas and collaborating with colleagues – all were synthesized with her own botanical, psychological, and Kabbalistic understanding: the knowledge that the world is one living entity. The integration of all this led to the development of the plant table, which exposes a wondrous order of the plant kingdom.  Dr. Yakir has completed a PhD (with the collaboration of George Vithoulkas) at the Jerusalem University on the effect of homeopathic treatment in PMS. For many years she has been teaching homeopathy in Israel and recently all over the world. She is also past chairwoman of the Israeli association for homeopathy in Israel and the editor of its homeopathic journal. Her book: ‘Wondrous Order – The Table of Plant ” is currently being published in English and German by NARYANA verlag.


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