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My Practice – Sleep & Stress

  12 Oct 2023


We are delighted to welcome Narissa Slater and Evelyn Liddell from the Weleda training team to discuss ways to support Sleep & Stress.


Free event for Society members

During this online session Narissa and Evelyn will both share unique insights of the plant remedy Bryophyllum and explore mindful, therapeutic rituals with Lavender. Sharing Weleda options to wellness and offering extra support to homeopathic treatments.

Evelyn Liddell

Evelyn has been a pharmacist and homeopath for over 20 years and follows a practical and holistic approach to illness and wellness. Making Weleda wellness options more accessible and sharing knowledge in a balanced, interesting and engaging way is Evelyn’s goal.

Narissa Slater

Narissa has been working at Weleda UK Ltd since 2007 and began her career in the Pharmacy Department making bespoke medicines. Later she moved into the training team where she has been able to share her passion for the Weleda Medicines and Natural Organic Cosmetics with the wider community.




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