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New Route to registration

Trained on a course not recognised by the Society? Looking to join a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority? Register with us under the new Independent Route.

The new Independent Route is faster, competitively priced and less bureaucratic. Experienced and well qualified applicants are now able to demonstrate their eligibility in a more straightforward way.

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  • Magic Pills documentary

    27 Apr 2018

    18.00 - 21.00hrs

    Magic Pills, produced and directed by homeopath Ananda More, explores the arguments for and against homeopathy. She meets scientists, sceptics, practitioners and patients in her investigation, ...

  • Student Workshop

    27 Apr 2018

    10.00 - 17.00 hours

    Fantastic opportunity to learn about the Art & Philosophy of the Acute with Marcus Christo FSHom and Demystifying Research with Dr Alison Fixsen. Plus get the latest on Safeguarding & General ...

  • Annual Conference and AGM 2018

    28 Apr 2018 - 29 Apr 2018

    9.30 - 17.30

    Join the 40th anniversary celebrations at our annual conference and AGM this April. The conference weekend begins on Friday evening with the UK Premiere screening of the documentary 'Magic ...

  • Bowel Nosodes with Hilery Dorrian

    18 May 2018


    This seminar will take you through these fascinating remedies. The idea is to bring clarity to the subject and to help to give an understanding of the whys, whens and how to prescribe these ...

Doing more for practising homeopaths and students

To share the highest professional standards and be part of the UK’s widest network of professional support, join the Society of Homeopaths. We welcome members from student to practitioner. Benefits include insurance, legal and counselling helplines, support networks and professional development.

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About homeopathy
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About us

Everyone needs a healthcare professional they can trust – one who’s trained to rigorous standards, bound by a strict code of ethics, and subject to independent regulation. That’s what the Society of Homeopaths stands for. We’re the UK’s largest group of professional homeopaths, and the only dedicated register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, an agency set up by the government to protect the public.

We work to uphold standards of homeopathic care, support our members in their practices, and help their patients back to good health. We ensure that the letters RSHom are your guarantee of a well-trained, registered and insured professional homeopath.

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