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  • Free student membership

    To commemorate the Society’s 40th anniversary we are offering students free membership. If you’re a student on a course recognised by the Society, you qualify for free membership – and a ...

  • New route to registration

    The new system of registration is easy and aims to provide a welcoming and supportive environment with an introductory offer of £244 and reduced fees for up to 3 years 

Doing more for practicing homeopaths and students

To share the highest professional standards and be part of the UK’s widest network of professional support, join the Society of Homeopaths. We welcome members from student to practitioner. Benefits include insurance, legal and counselling helplines, support networks and professional development.

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  • The Matridonal Remedies

    30 Sep 2017

    10am - 5pm

    Linda Gwillim

    Learn more about the power of these remedies to clear stuck cases and help patients at the beginning and end of their lives. Linda Gwillim, Clinical Director at the Welsh School of Homeopathy, ...

  • Row 3 of the Periodic Table – the theme of who we are and what we want Row 3, which contains many of our most useful polychrest remedies, is about who we are – about love and relationships, ...

FREE student membership

If you’re a student on a course recognised by the Society, you qualify for free membership – and a package of great benefits. You get our quarterly journal, discounts on tickets for events, a free student workshop, and full access to our journals library and online forums

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About us

Everyone needs a healthcare professional they can trust – one who’s trained to rigorous standards, bound by a strict code of ethics, and subject to independent regulation. That’s what the Society of Homeopaths stands for. We’re the UK’s largest group of professional homeopaths, and the only dedicated register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, an agency set up by the government to protect the public.

We work to uphold standards of homeopathic care, support our members in their practices, and help their patients back to good health. We ensure that the letters RSHom are your guarantee of a well-trained, registered and insured professional homeopath.

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