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Everyone needs a healthcare professional they can trust – one who’s trained to rigorous standards and bound by a strict code of ethics. That’s what the Society of Homeopaths stands for. We are the largest group of professional homeopaths in the UK. We work to uphold standards of homeopathic care, support our members in their practices, and help their patients back to good health.

We ensure that the letters RSHom are your guarantee of a well-trained, registered and insured professional homeopath.


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About homeopathy

Find out more about homeopathy and how it can play an important part in your everyday healthcare, being a sustainable, natural and gentle form of medicine. Kind to you and kind to the planet.

Looking for a homeopath in your local area?

Choose from the largest online register of professional homeopaths. Our registered practitioners (RSHom) are your guarantee of a well-trained, registered and insured professional homeopath.


What is homeopathy?
What to expect when you visit a homeopath
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For the practising homeopath

Whatever stage you are at in your career, we provide a friendly and supportive environment to help you maintain or build a successful practice.

What being an RSHom means to you

Being part of the UK’s largest reputable community of homeopathy professionals gives you the support and inspiration you need to thrive.


Dedicated resources to support you

Our member benefits provide everything you need to make your practice the best it can be from professional advice to business development and networking opportunities.


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Studying homeopathy

Whether you are just thinking about a career in homeopathy and wondering where to study or if you’ve already started training and looking for additional support, you’ve come to the right place.

Training to be a homeopath
Find a homeopathy course
How we support students

Whatever your current level of training we provide an extensive range of benefits and membership options to support you on your journey.


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New enhanced register

New enhanced register

Registered members are being invited to update their details on the new enhanced register on the new Society website. The new register offers a...