• My Voice: Mental health in focus

    A new guide outlining the distinctive approach homeopathy takes to mental illness is available to members in the My Voice section of the website. It explains how homeopaths spend time with ...

  • In a move signalling the Society of Homeopaths’ further commitment to safeguarding, Liz Wootliff has been appointed to the role of safeguarding officer to offer guidance and support to ...

  • The Society is inviting nominations for this year’s fellowship and outstanding achievement awards designed to recognise people who have made a significant contribution to homeopathy. The ...

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  • Row 4 of the periodic table

    5 Oct 2018


    Row 4 is a frequently indicated remedy group.  Patients requiring these remedies have issues to do with work, duty, security, perfectionism, guilt, rules and morality and it is therefore no ...

  • Bowel Nosodes with Hilery Dorrian

    12 Oct 2018


    This seminar will take you through these fascinating remedies. The idea being to bring clarity to the subject and to help provide an understanding of the whys, whens and how to prescribe these ...

  • During this symposium, presenters will discuss the different approaches they have developed to meet the needs of people arriving with a variety of mental and emotional health issues.

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