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Selina Hatherley: HRI homeopathy evidence-based update

How many times have you been challenged to answer the question, what scientific evidence is there that homeopathy works? In the latest update from the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) we have the answer. That is, the scientific evidence for homeopathy is based on the same types of clinical trials as those used to test conventional medicines. These include double-blind randomised controlled trials as well as placebo-controlled trials.

The HRI explains the analysis of the trials in clear language that can be easily understood by patients and homeopaths alike. This makes it easy for us to answer the challenge.

It also highlights the need for more research in homeopathy. As the HRI notes, only a tiny traction of research funding is allocated to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Yet this is despite the growing interest from members of the public seeking alternatives to conventional medicine.

If you want to understand the more in-depth analysis behind the figures, you will also find the link to Dr Robert Mathie’s programme of systematic reviews.

So, for those who doubt the efficacy of homeopathy, here is the evidence. Plus you can even point them to the longer read.

These findings will give homeopaths and patients the confidence to counter critical voices by using their very own argument in our favour. That is, the insistence that clinical trial data only can be used as evidence to support homeopathy. It clearly answers what we know already, homeopathy works!

Read the evidence

Selina Hatherley RSHom Chair of the Society Board of Directors.