Suse Moebius RSHom


Suse is delighted to serve the members of the Society of Homeopaths as a Board member.  Listening to members and working with her Board colleagues to support the Society’s highly professional Office team in the ongoing effort of providing first-class membership services are two central strands of her focus.  The third is a passionate commitment to promoting homeopathy in the UK and beyond. Suse believes in integrated healthcare and dreams of an NHS with a fully integrated CAM policy.

Suse has a long-standing interest in the promotion of scientific research into homeopathy, to enhance and increase the evidence base for homeopathy.  She has both fundraised for and collaborated with the Homeopathy Research Institute.   She has an active interest in the political and social landscape that informs healthcare and attitudes to CAM in this country.

As part of her commitment to the ideal of homeopathy for everyone, Suse provides free and low-cost services at two clinics for women in London, as well as running her own private practice.