Selina Hatherley RSHom

Vice Chair

Selina qualified as a homeopath in 2004 and has been in practice in Oxfordshire since.

For twelve years she ran a clinic with homeopathy students, for people with drug, alcohol and mental health problems. This experience changed her thoughts on practice and methodology.

Working with other homeopaths is something Selina loves, and she supervises both students and qualified practitioners.

As well as her private practice, she heads team SidebySide at the community clinic at Grenfell in London. Working alongside other therapists, she has seen the value and importance of teamwork in a multidisciplinary clinic, to both patient and practitioner.

Selina believes that homeopathy should be part of an integrated, collaborative health system, giving people choice about their healthcare.

Selina is also a member of the Society’s Public Affairs Committee.