Maggie Dixon RSHom


Maggie qualified as a Homeopath in 1999 and set up her practice  in the same year. She has been in practice since that time and now owns a clinic in Bath, which provides a multi discipline team of natural health practitioners.

Maggie worked in the Health Service for twenty years as a Registered Nurse, District Nurse and Health Visitor prior to qualifying as a Homeopath and believes that Homoeopaths should work towards building an integrated Health Service so that Homeopaths can access the wider population who have little access to what Homoeopathy can provide.

Maggie is committed to improving communication within the community of Homeopaths so that we can develop our professional standards together in collaboration and mutual support of each other.

Maggie has also lectured and mentored students for the last 10 years and currently provides regular student clinics to under-graduates and occasionally lectures at CHE. London. Maggie has also recently joined the team of practitioners at Ainsworth’s pharmacy London.



Occasional Lecturer at the Centre for Homeopathic Education and Contemporary College of Homeopathy.