Alexandre Winkler RSHom


Alexandre is of German and Spanish origins born and raised in Paris. After graduating from one of the top French business schools he started a career in Investment Banking working on interest rate derivative transactions in Paris, Tokyo, Frankfurt and London where he has been living since 2001.

He decided to leave the world of Finance in 2008 and chose to dedicate his energy to his biggest passion, Homeopathy, which entered his life when he was 2 months of age. Alexandre graduated from the Centre of Homeopathic Education where he gained his Licentiate and BSc (Hons) degree in Homeopathy. He runs now two practices in West and East London. His other major interests are History, Jungian psychology and the latest scientific developments on the properties of water and electromagnetism.

Because of his language skills and previous professional experience Alexandre is particularly keen as a Director of the Board to push for the implementation of targeted communication strategies with the general public and the political, research, and corporate worlds, increasing cooperation with overseas associations and accredited colleges aiming to make Homeopathy better understood, more visible and recognised.