Professional Standards Authority

The mark of quality

The accreditation of our register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA) is our mark of quality.

We remain the only register (dedicated to homeopaths) that is accredited, giving extra peace of mind for prospective patients that our members belong to a register which meets robust standards.

Our register has been re-accredited by the PSA four times and all RSHoms can display the Accredited Register quality mark on their marketing materials.

What is the PSA?

The PSA is an independent organisation that is accountable to the UK parliament, set up to work with organisations that register and regulate people working in health and social care, with the aim of protecting the public.

The process of accreditation with the PSA was voluntary and means that the Society has met the authority’s demanding standards in education and training, managing the members’ register, providing information, dealing with complaints, governance and setting standards.

The PSA rigorously assesses its Accredited Registers, and on its website, says: “We recommend the public only see practitioners on an Accredited Register (or a Statutory Register).”

It has so far accredited 25 other registers that have convinced it that they have rigorous professional standards that protect patients, and it also oversees and co-ordinates the nine statutory registers such as the General Medical Council, the General Osteopathic Council and the General Dental Council.

Accredited Registered Collaborative

We are also part of the Accredited Registered Collaborative (ARC), made up of the accredited registers, which meets three times a year to discuss matters of common concern and to keep the PSA updated on our needs and opportunities. At the same time, the PSA consults with us on general healthcare issues, initiatives and its conversations with government.

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