What students say


"A brilliant and inspiring course which gives you a wonderful background and grounding in miasmatic homoeopathic prescribing, especially with the college clinic reinforcing theory into practice. I feel privileged and very fortunate to have such experienced lecturers and homoeopaths giving constant support and encouragement. I would recommend this course to anyone seriously wishing to practice Classical Homoeopathy at its very best."

AT, Allen College of Homeopathy, Chelmsford


"Nearing the end of the most exciting, stimulating and encouraging years of my life, I can say that the Allen College is going to stand proud in the world of Classical Homoeopathy and I am privileged to have been a part of its early growth. The course is very professionally run by the most caring and experienced tutors — everyone is aiming for the same goal, to spread the word of homoeopathy as Hahnemann taught, with emphasis upon miasmatic prescribing, led by our dynamic Principal Dr Subrata Banerjea."

CS, Allen College of Homeopathy, Chelmsford


"Everything about the homeopathy college enabled me to graduate as a homeopath with confidence and excitement for the future and I feel proud and honoured to have been a part of it. I would recommend anyone not to miss out on such an enjoyable and life changing experience."

Dawn, Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Bristol


"There is a happy atmosphere at the homeopathy college which is very conducive to learning and I recommend the college to people interested in doing the course."

Claire, Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Bristol

As a retired lecturer, I'd like to say I have taught for more than 35 years in different colleges in London and abroad, and I have never experienced an atmosphere of such all-embracing care for the success of each student. What a joy it was also to meet and study with so many lovely people from such a mixture of nationalities and backgrounds, all working towards the same goal. Homeopathy is a gift for life and it has been a wonderful healing journey for me.

Mathilde, 4th year part-time graduate
Centre for Homeopathic Education, London


Firstly, the greatest asset of CHE lies in the quality of teaching staff and the diversity of knowledge and approach they bring. this is a very well-run, well-structured and relevant course in the current healthcare climate. 

Rosanna, part-time degree student
Centre for Homeopathic Education, London


"It was hard work,but I enjoyed every bit of it, because I personally love to better myself.  Homeopathy is a subject which encompasses a wide variety of different topics from botany to toxicology. The lectures are easy to follow so the depth of knowledge is delivered in bite size chunks!

My time at HCEA has transformed me from an enthusiastic but unsure student into a professional homeopath – this is not to be underestimated as homeopathy remains a demanding discipline! My beliefs were constantly challenged but the emphasis that HCEA places on clinical practice allows the theory to become reality at an early stage in learning.  Personally, I found that as a smaller college, support was readily available and there was always someone to talk to. HCEA’s commitment to complementary medicine in its widest sense has completely transformed my approach to health."

Homeopathic College of East Anglia, Norwich

Training at the North West College of Homeopathy in Manchester, enabled me to learn from experienced homeopaths with varying styles and experience, who were challenging but also supportive and receptive to the voices of students, enabling the whole learning experience to be both thoroughly stimulating and manageable.

SR, North West College of Homeopathy, Manchester

Studying at the North West College for me was a brilliant experience. To connect with like-minded souls, share our learning journey together and to experience high quality homeopathic education was just what I was looking for. It gave solid foundations to build upon once graduating in 2007 and I continued to do so. Having an involvement now with the college has enabled me to see how strong the education continues to be and I'm pleased to say I recommend the NWCH to anyone wanting to make those first steps on their homeopathic journey.

 EC, North West College of Homeopathy, Manchester



"So actually I stepped into the study of homeopathy and it was now four and a half years ago, I was at a time in my life where it was a career change and I was looking to see what would I like to do, and since I had these very good experiences with homeopathy I also thought this would be a great thing to learn. So off I went, studying and trying to find out which would be the best school, and I did a lot of research, I did a lot of online research, I called a lot of friends; I had friends who also were interested or planning to study homeopathy or already doing it. And after doing a lot of online research I did find that, it seems there’s a lot of them pointed to the School of Homeopathy, and I remember before making my decision I actually called up three students who were already going, and I spoke to them. What they said really gave me inspiration to ‘hmm, I’d like to do this’, the way they described the School and also everything I read about the School, it seemed to be a School that would really give a foundational teaching and learning, at the same time be innovative and also be the cutting edge.

Now I’m in my fourth year and I can say it’s been fabulous. The first two years was online training which was really really good, it worked perfectly with my job. Then for the last two years I’ve been on attendance, and it’s been I can say dynamite, and I’m really feeling ready to hopefully graduate and practise as a homeopath. 

I think what’s really worked for me in the four years of study is a balance. On one hand, the first two years especially, I felt we really got rooted in traditional homeopathic understanding from studying all the traditional teachers, from Kent to Hahnemann, and really getting in to understanding exactly what is homeopathy. Then slowly moving forward into understanding, well, how do you actually practise it, take a case, and I’ve really appreciated that all different angles has brought into the college, from learning the Sensation Method of Rajan Sankaran, to just learning some interesting approaches which might be totally different or an approach which you can say is totally traditional and it seems it’s a perfect balance of getting to learn from the teachers with live cases, and watching them take the cases, to actually learning about remedies in a very special way from the families, and the kingdoms, and the sensation method. So learning, I would say, the cutting edge and at the same time tradition.

One thing also about the School, there is a lot of openness, friendliness and professional also. So it’s a nice combination, you always feel there is someone you can call who will help you and support you if you don’t understand something, and at the same time there is a lot of lightness."

DB, School of Homeopathy, Stroud 


"The clinics at the Welsh School have provided a thorough learning opportunity, enabling practice in case taking skills, within a supported environment. For years one and two, being able to sit in the training room and practise note taking, consult the repertory and materia medica whilst the live case taking is going on downstairs, is a fantastic means of building up experience and confidence. For years three and four, the ability to take your own cases live under direct supervision provides the optimum method of putting case taking theory into practice. You really do learn to work thoroughly, with your own patients in front of you and 10 – 20 colleagues and a supervisor on the case!

The clinical analysis is highly supportive as each student is able to share their feelings about the details of the case, the centre of the case and the remedy picture emerging. The supervising homoeopaths are a great support in this process by allowing the students to hone their observational and case taking skills, working through the analytical process with us and encouraging the differential diagnostic process through to prescription and subsequent follow up.

I feel my confidence and skills in becoming a healer have been allowed to grow by receiving regular opportunities to both observe and carry out first hand, the homoeopathic process, alongside experienced homoeopaths and other students at varying levels of development.

Having access to so many brilliant insights is of great value in developing future homoeopathic practitioners."

AJ, The Welsh School of Homeopathy, Carmarthen


"I have been educated to degree level at University and can honestly say that the level of training provided by the Welsh School far exceeds any educational experience I have had to date.

The teaching weekends are always varied and delivered with enthusiasm.

Both Linda and Bill have different styles but complement each other really well. We also have been lucky to have excellent guest lecturers who also add another dimension. We are always encouraged to develop our own individual style and, meeting so many different experienced homoeopaths who all have something different to offer, is very inspiring.

I always say that this is so much more than a “training course” as I have developed so much as a person over the last three years and my confidence has increased hugely due to the continuous support and encouragement from Linda, Bill and the other students.

I cannot recommend the Welsh School highly enough and feel privileged to have been a part of it."

CR, The Welsh School of Homeopathy, Carmarthen


"I graduated in June 2013 and have just been reading a book on homoeopathy where the author remarked that he had found the lectures at his own training school rather boring. I would like to say that having spent four years at the South Downs School I have enjoyed every single lecture. They were all fascinating.
I never once thought to doodle, write shopping lists or feel overcome with tiredness as I did in previous training courses. I looked forward to every single weekend. The venue was idyllic. It was lovely sitting in the amazing gardens during the breaks.
 Before I started the course I was concerned that as I was rather older than most of my fellow students I might feel out of it. That was not the case. Everybody, staff and students alike were most welcoming and it was refreshing to be with like-minded people for the whole weekend. I have made many friends through the college.
I work full-time outside and when Robin Hayfield interviewed me and said I would have to study over 12 hours a week at home I just said okay to please him and imagined I would get away with a lot less! The course is hard work but is really enjoyable and when you really enjoy something and find it interesting you find the time.
I am now about to start my practice and am really excited. I realise it will be hard to start with but that is all part of the challenge. I also know that if I have any problems my fellow students and tutors will help and support me."

South Downs College of Homeopathy, Chichester



"I joined Salisbury Homeopathy College during my second year of training as a Homeopath.  I have found the college to have many strengths, but first and foremost the commitment, support and willingness to help from all the members of staff and from the students who accepted me in to their cohort stands out.


Salisbury Homeopathy College is a “classical college” and they focus strongly on the philosophy and history of Homeopathy.  With their help I have now begun to realise that what I previously thought of, as a “nice to know” is fundamental to how Homeopathy works and how successful each homeopath can be once in practice.


Every year the timetable is thoroughly reviewed and although some lectures remain the same they are often taught by different lecturers, giving them a new feel each year.  If that is not the case the lecturer will ensure they are well prepared for the lecture rather than just delivering the same as last year.


The “life phases” is an element of the timetable that I had not seen at my previous college and that gives each student the opportunity to see the world as patients would at specific times of their lives.  It helps us all to see what issues different generations may have, and we are all encouraged to consider how these will change as years go by.  This is not something to learn verbatim, but a lesson in how to consider how life will affect people at different stages, and this is something that will need to be continued when I am fully trained.


Finally there are the tutor’s at Salisbury, who I have found to be committed and keen to assist their students to achieve their best.  When I changed colleges there was a comprehensive review of my previous work and areas where I may need additional assistance were identified.  My tutor has been available for us throughout the year and is keen to speak to us during the month to help to assist where homework becomes difficult or life simply just gets in the way.  It’s good to know that the support is there for you.  If she wasn’t available I know I could pick up the phone to one of the Principals and they would also assist.


The biggest strength of this college is the people and their commitment to both the college and students.  Salisbury Homeopathy College is about making the best Homeopaths out of all students, I know that I will be a better Homeopath as a result of joining them.


Thank you to everyone who has helped me since joining the college."


DN, Salisbury Homeopathy College, Salisbury