Workshop 4: Old Masters Series – the best approach

  12 Nov 2022 - 13 Nov 2022


With Shilpa Bhouraskar Live online. 12th & 13th November 09.30-11.30. Part of the Old Masters Workshop series celebrating the work of James Tyler Kent, James Burnett, William Boericke, C. M Boger and Clemens Von Bonninghausen.

As a homeopath the many different approaches to prescribing can at times be overwhelming.

We all have stuck cases and occasionally need to stand back, take a deep breath and review how and why we are doing things in  a certain way. Visiting the teachings of the Old Masters can be the key to solving this dilemma and revitalising your practice.

Whether you are starting out in practice or have many years experience behind you, the Old Masters Series offers something for everyone.

In the delivery of the Old Masters Series we have a team of international speakers gearing up to bring new life into the old teachings based on many years experience and success in practice.

Selecting the best Old Masters approach for maximising your success with patients with Shilpa Bhouraskar.

The turning point in Shilpa’s homeopathic journey took place in 2000 when she worked as a primary physician at a rural farmer’s clinic in India. Most of Shilpa’s patients presented with acutes, pathological and surgical conditions where conventional medicine was either unaffordable or inaccessible. After six months of failures, she finally found a way to turn the corner and help her patients.

Shilpa delved into the less well known writings and archived cases of the old masters Boenninghausen, Boger, Boericke, Clarke, Phatak who actually worked with similar cases at grassroots in an era before the introduction of antibiotics.

The hidden gems in the old masters’ clinical work helped Shilpa overcome the challenges leading to 1,000 farmer families receiving help over a two year period. Using key lessons learnt during that two year period, Shilpa will explore different approaches and explain how to choose a given strategy for a case. Lessons learnt about successful prescriptions in the rural clinic are easily applied irrespective of  a practitioner’s previous learning experience.

Shilpa will also address:
The significance of each approach.

What approach works the best in what kind of patient.

When do you repertorise and when do you not?

What books you refer to for Materia Medica.

Do you combine two or more approaches in the analysis?

Potencies, Dosing criteria for each type.

And much, much more…

For more information about the Workshop series and the speakers, please visit our conference website


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