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The Matridonal Remedies

  30 Sep 2017

  10am - 5pm Bookings - closed

Bookings - Closed Learn more about the power of these remedies to clear stuck cases and help patients at the beginning and end of their lives. Linda Gwillim, Clinical Director at the Welsh School of Homeopathy, has been studying the matridonal remedies for 17 years. Now she invites you to an interactive teaching session and a fuller and more memorable picture of them.


Swarthmore Education Centre
Woodhouse Square
United Kingdom

The Matridonal Remedies

Swarthmore Education Centre, Woodhouse Square, Leeds, United Kingdom

Linda has been working closely with these remedies over the past 17 years and, during that time, has seen the value of them in terms of not only clearing many ‘stuck cases’ but also in aiding the patient on their ‘journey’ to inform, re-connect and re-member. She has not only found them to be invaluable in her own practice but has also been honoured to receive cases from fellow homoeopaths where these remedies have transformed their patients too.

During this time of working with these remedies Linda has noticed their benefits during both pregnancy and the birthing process. She believes that there is a fine line between birth and death and this has led her to using these remedies in terms of ‘midwifing’ patients in at the beginning and out at the end stages of life. So, she will be looking particularly at how these remedies ease the transition into both birth and death.

Linda loves working interactively within her teaching and encourages participation from the group.

“There is something about the ‘Matridonal Remedies’ that the teaching of them lies in the oral tradition of story telling. It is often through the patient’s use of poetic language that can first bring these remedies to mind. They carry our shared story as well as that of the individual.”

Linda believes that this sharing of experience during the teaching process leads to a fuller and more memorable picture of these important remedies. Linda has been working as a homoeopath for over 25 years.
She runs a busy practice in Machynlleth, Mid-Wales, where her main focus is on treating infertility, pregnant women, attending the birth (at home or in the local hospital) and then going on to treat the babies and children. Recently her work has included prescribing more for the end stage of life – so midwifing both in and out of our journey.

She is the Clinical Director at the Welsh School of Homoeopathy. She also teaches at various other colleges in the U.K. and does a lot of work with various Post Graduate groups. She has spoken at various homoeopathic conferences, both in Ireland and the U.K.

She ran the proving of Placenta, with Kathy Biggs, in 2000. She then went on to be a prover for the remedies Amniotic Fluid and Umbilical Cord with Melissa Assilem. She was also the clinical director for the proving of ‘Menses’.

Linda became a Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths in 2016.



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