Online Student Workshop

  5 Jun 2020


Student Workshop 2020 taking place online on Friday 5th June with Matt Pepper and Joel Kreisberg. Free event - Society Student members only. Booking in advance essential. Bookings close 1st June.

Student Workshop 2020

Free online event – Society members only

Friday 5th June 2020  10.30 -16.30

With Matt Pepper & Joel Kreisberg

Booking in advance essential. Booking confirmation email on receipt of your booking.

This event is a Zoom webinar (not a meeting)  and will require you to download Zoom.

Bookings close 1st June.

Matt Pepper RSHom 

Building a successful & varied practice
Building a practice can be a real challenge if you do not know what to do or what you are aiming for. However it is extremely rewarding once you know what you want and where you want to go.

Matt’s practice is very varied in terms of where, how and who he works with combining working with individuals, consulting for companies and presenting with groups. Matt is looking forward to sharing his experience with you to prepare you for getting out there and becoming as busy as you want to be …!

The happy practitioner – getting up the happiness barometer
Self-care is crucial for practitioners. If we have the tools to keep ourselves in the best state of mind possible the benefits firstly to ourselves then our clients are huge.Life is full of challenges- it’s how we deal with them that makes the difference. Getting into the right state of mind and feeling at our best is crucial for ourselves, our families and our practice! Matt is a passionate engaging speaker on mental wellness and emotional wellbeing. Matt has been helping people to feel at their best for over 20 years and currently working with the NHS on a project to boost the mental and emotional well being of their teams.

Dr Joel Kreisberg – Gender Styles 
How masculine and feminine dynamics impact homeopathic healing

Understanding gender style provides powerful cues for fostering healing. The masculine approach, so often utilised in homeopathic case taking is a dynamic way to finding the simillimum. Yet the feminine approach is utilised due to its ability to foster ongoing healing in an embodied way.

Dr. Kreisberg will guide you through a series of learning activities. We’ll share stories, listen, and learn from one another as we consider the impact of gender style on interpersonal dynamics of the homeopathic clinical encounter.

California based Dr. Kreisberg is the Executive Director of the Teleosis Instiute School of Coaching & Narrative Healing. His unique blend of homeopathy & narrative health coaching offers a method for powerful lasting change.

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