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My Practice – making money with ease

  18 May 2022


Online free lunchtime event (via Zoom) - Society members only. My Practice - making money with ease. A workshop hosted by Joanna Shipley - certified Wayfinder Master Coach, Shamanic Mentor and Homeopath - Wednesday 18th May - 12.30pm-2.00pm

Free lunchtime event for Society members

With Joanna Shipley,  certified Wayfinder Master Coach, Shamanic Mentor and Homeopath

Do you struggle to earn as much income as you would like from your practice?

Does asking for money, or rebooking patients, make you feel uneasy?

Do you dream of increasing your fees but imposter syndrome undermines you? Or you believe ‘no one will pay?’ Or you think you’ll have to engage in horrible ‘salesy marketing’?

Do you worry that you may have to find another job?

Do you agonise about wanting to be able to offer consultations for people with lower incomes, but wonder how you can do this and still earn enough to cover your own needs and wants?

Or have you been in practice for a while, have lots of patients and are feeling fatigued or burned out but can’t see how to reduce your working hours without losing money?

Does thinking about money and fees make your heart sink and send you straight to the nearest bar of chocolate?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this confidence boosting webinar will encourage you to start looking at your money and other blocks in fun and creative ways and stop you swimming in circles around the topic of fees!

This approach is a taste of a coaching programme Joanna is developing to help homeopaths find more joy and ease in their practices, creating a sustainable income and work-life balance that they love.

About Joanna Shipley

Joanna graduated from the University of Westminster in June 2005 with a first class honours degree in Integrated Medicine: Homeopathy. A highlight was conducting a shamanic proving in the form of a randomised controlled trial as part of her training. In the same year she also became a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.

Before homeopathy she worked as a PR and Marketing Manager in Private and NHS Healthcare settings, leaving for a 7 year stint as an Army Officer where she developed an understanding of all walks of life and leadership experience.

She gained a Diploma from the University of Bedfordshire in Adult Education in the field of Antenatal Education with the National Childbirth Trust and was an NCT Antenatal Teacher for a few years. She went on to lecture, tutor and supervise at Salisbury Homeopathy College for 4 years. In moving around the country with her military husband she has set up a successful practice each time in 6 different locations, successfully matching the ebb and flow of monetary and family commitments with each switch and stage of life.

In 2020 her spiritual work led to another career shift, and she took a sabbatical from homeopathy to further explore her coaching, having trained with Martha Beck (famous for being Oprah’s life coach)  and has now gone on to become a certified Master Coach. Joanna now specialises in helping homeopaths find ease, joy and work-life sustainability to create heart-centred practices that they LOVE.   She recently wrote an article “Your practice: time for an animal of power?”, which was featured in the Spring edition of the New Homeopath which discusses how the ancient system of Shamanism can give inspiration and guidance to practitioners in their clinics.

Joanna is married to Owen, who is still in the army, has two teenage sons and lives near Chippenham. She is passionate about living in harmony with heart and nature, gardening, nutrition and her bonkers working cocker spaniel, Cora! As well as enthused about helping the world by helping practitioners avoid burnout and heal the world one patient at a time, she has a growing crochet and novice spinning habit which is taking over the ground floor of the house! She also enjoys singing in the local community choir, and occasionally playing the piano.

She runs online group ‘grow you practice from your heart’ programmes and free Facebook Group, bespoke 1:1 coaching programmes and in person retreats, as well as shamanic training and healing.










  • Society members only

The Society has the right to change the workshop programme.



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