Bowel Nosodes with Hilery Dorrian

  18 May 2018


This seminar will take you through these fascinating remedies. The idea is to bring clarity to the subject and to help to give an understanding of the whys, whens and how to prescribe these simply wonderful remedies.


Luther King House
Brighton Grove
Manchester M14 5JP

Bowel Nosodes with Hilery Dorrian

Luther King House, Brighton Grove, Manchester M14 5JP, UK

There will be an introduction, which touches on the history and draws on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help you recognise why these are such important remedies and the extent of their actions.

We will focus on the major Bowel Nosodes, Morgan ( great for Eczema), Dysenteric co ( great for Anxiety), Sycotic Co ( great for Arthritis), Proteus( great for Migraine) and Gartner ( Great for poor Concentration), but we will also include some useful information about the smaller remedies such as

Colibacillinum, Bacillus No. 7, and Bacillus no 10.

You will appreciate why these remedies should be the jewels in our Homeopathic crown.

It is no exaggeration to say that Bowel Nosodes have transformed my practice. In chronic illness and particularly autoimmune conditions Bowel Nosodes give startlingly good results.

There will be an accompanying Power Point Presentation, which will be available to delegates after the Seminar.

Hilery has been in practice for nearly 40 years having started life as an Acupuncturist she was prescribed homeopathy for a sinus problem and started her homeopathy journey from there.

She has a very busy clinic seeing around 60 patients a week.  Patients go to see Hilery for a huge variety of complaints and from all racial backgrounds and cultures, age and gender.

Hilery started teaching around 22 years ago and has never looked back. She lectures all over the place, at many colleges and at postgraduate groups all over the country and in fact all over the world.



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