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Academic postgraduate in Classical Homeopathy (IACH DIHom)

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Advanced training in theory, materia medica, challenging cases. Methodology and prescribing strategies. Levels of Health, Continuum of Disease, Transmutation of acute into chronic inflammatory conditions. 60+ clinical cases and long follow-ups.

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This academic postgraduate course sets Homeopathy to scientific standards, brings clarity and coherence. Delivered in a thriving classroom environment, 3 days/month over 2 years, this highly structured course will equip you with an in-depth understanding and clear methodology to treat successfully and with confidence challenging cases and chronic conditions. You will access the latest medical breakthroughs and enter an international alumni community.

  • Study with the most awarded homeopath in the world
  • Course accredited by medical universities
  • International alumni network
  • Research & Scientific Committee with publications in peer reviewed medical journals
  • Comprehensive range of online resources, printed materials, Apps, and repertorisation software
  • UDIHOP Membership
  • IACH DIHom certification

Modules 1 & 2: Theory

Solid foundation and in-depth understanding of classical homeopathy principles and practice. All aspects are thoroughly investigated and widely discussed. Experiences are shared.

Modules 3, 4, 5: Materia Medica

150+ remedies, keynotes, essence of remedy, and differential diagnosis. Accurate materia medica with clearly differentiated remedies.

Modules 6: Repertorisation, Q&A, various topics

Clear methodology for repertorisation, how to use the rubrics and the smart features of the VC repertorisation software. Discussions on key topics and controversies on Homeopathy.

Modules 7, 8, 9: Clinical cases

60+ cases with in-depth analysis, long follow-ups, prescribing strategies and differential diagnosis. Covers a large variety of conditions.

Modules 10: The Levels of Health

Master this breakthrough in medical science to assess the depth of a pathology, give a more accurate prognosis, anticipate the reactions, and elaborate a treatment plan. Theory exemplified with numerous cases.

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New course starting Spring 2022. Please contact the college direct for more details.


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IACH DIHom, Diploma of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. UDIHOP Membership, Union for Diplomate Homeopathic Physicians

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