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Homeopathy Postgraduate Course Sensation & System

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Techniques of case-receiving and case analysis known as the Sensation Method


Hawkwood College
Painswick Old Road
Stroud GL6 7QW

School of Homeopathy

Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Road, Stroud GL6 7QW

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Amanda Norland
Hawkwood College
Painswick Old Road
Stroud GL6 7QW

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01453 765 956 or UK freephone 0800 0439 349



In this one year post graduate complete course we aim to introduce you to the techniques of case-receiving and case analysis known as the Sensation Method.  This is the method introduced and used by Dr Rajan Sankaran and his colleagues in Mumbai, India, and which have become popular around the world in recent years.

Unit 1 : Vital sensation

Unit 2 : Kingdoms

Unit 3 : Minerals

Unit 4 : Miasms revisited

Unit 5 : Plants

Unit 6 : Animals

Unit 7 : Integrated approach

The Sensation Course requires around 800-900 hours of study to complete the work within this period, i.e. around two and a half days a week, or three hours per day. It is up to you, however, to determine how long you are willing or able to commit to this study each week, and hence how long you actually take to complete the course. However, for each year of study you are actually given two years study period. We regard this flexibility of time as very important, so that you can approach your study in the way that best suits your individual circumstances.

Why study the Postgraduate Sensation Course?

Arguably the Sensation Method is the most important development in homeopathy since its discovery by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century. The Sensation Method sets out to explore classification within the natural world through kingdoms and subkingdoms. In addition to this is the methodology of searching for the ‘vital sensation’ in the patient’s case and the concept of the ‘seven levels of experience’ within the human being. The deep insights of Rajan Sankaran and his colleagues have profoundly affected the way many homeopaths think and practice today.

Dates and times:

As this is a home study course you can enrol when you are ready and study at a speed that suits you. Please contact us for more details.


The fees for the course are: £769 for full fees.  £820 if payment option is £100 deposit and five instalments.

Entry requirements:

It is assumed you already have a sound knowledge of classical homeopathic philosophy and material media  As this course is distance learning, you can integrate it into your own life in a way to suit you.

Location: Home study

Award: The Sensation & System Postgraduate Diploma Certificate


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