Orion – Advanced Homeopathic Training

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Orion: Intensive Postgraduate Homeopathy

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Advanced Homeopathic Training


Regents Park
United Kingdom

Orion – Advanced Homeopathic Training

Regents Park, London, United Kingdom

Contact address

The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy
Venton Barn
TQ9 6DP (postal correspondence)

Phone number:

01803 867747





The Orion course is a 5 month part-time intensive programme, designed for a small group of practitioners to expand their skills and understanding of the complex subject of homeopathy. Mike Bridger and Dion Tabrett have many years of experience in practice and teaching, which enables them to simplify complexities, dismiss the absurd and impart their knowledge in a lively and enjoyable way.

The philosophy of homeopathy is transformed from belief and idea, into the living and breathing world of clinical practice.

The emphasis of the course is understanding treatment as process rather than a single prescription or remedy. By looking at the initial case it is possible to predict the course of treatment that a patient undergoes so that the prescriber will be able to deal with critical situations with confidence and skill.

The course includes details of this system of ‘case mapping’ and emphasizes the importance of remedy relationships.

Also examined is the work of Ellis Barker and Burnett as well as  the practical application of clinical prescribing.

Skills/achievements gained:

Participants will be able to consolidate and expand their knowledge giving them extra confidence in practice. They will be able to simplify their cases so that they clearly understand what is likely to happen to their patients. They will develop the skills to impart this information clearly to patients so that they are fully informed about the decisions made. Both practitioner and patient will be truly empowered by this understanding.

Dates and times:

Contact the college direct for information on dates and times


Contact the college direct for information on fees and payment options

How to apply:

Applicants must be in practice and must provide evidence of qualifying from a recognised school. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview prior to acceptance on the course.
Application can be made through the website of The Contemporary College of Homeopathy or for further information telephone.

Award: Certificate of Attendance

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