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Post grad teaching available through direct classroom attendance and via video link direct from the classroom.


382 Baddow Road
Great Baddow
Chelmsford CM2 9RA

Allen College of Homoeopathy

Sapiens, 382 Baddow Road, Great Baddow, Chelmsford CM2 9RA

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A two year course (part time) and the prime emphasis is on materia medica including polychrests as well as extensive comparative materia medica of the lesser known organopathic medicines. How to open drug dependent cases and ascertain a clearer picture for the constitutional medicine. This is a challenging course which will meet all your continuing professional development plan requirement and is open for graduates from all homoeopathic colleges as well as experienced practitioners. In the past, we had practitioners from 8 different countries with 15 to 18 years experience.

The course comprises of:

  • Paediatrics including Neonatology, look and diagnose the baby
  • Neurology with emphasis on gait, body language
  • Urology and therapeutic materia medica of lesser knowns medicines
  • Rheumatology and homoeopathic approach in drug dependent cases, especially when well selected constitutional remedy fails
  • Scope of mother tinctures in acute cases (without disturbing deep dynamic effect of potentised medicines
  • Gynaecology and homeopathy: scopes
  • Acute prescribing, key points for remedy diagnosis, cancer: scopes and limitations

Psychiatry including mental essence, common characters and gesture-posture:

  • Dermatology, miasmatic approach of prescribing to open cases
  • Polychrests an unforgettable core-criteria presentation
  • Discussion on cured cases
  • Repertories of personality profile, miasm and lesser known medicines are provided and organopathic medicines of all the above therapeutics are discussed extensively

Skills/achievements gained:

  • What to do when well selected remedy fails
  • Understanding a) personality and essence b) miasmatic background of each case and work out from ‘personality profile repertory “x” miasmatic repertory” provided during the course
  • Case management and professional development
  • Guarantees confidence in materia medica with emphasis on comparative materia medica

Be a confident prescriber with time tested century old scientific, easily comprehensible and non-confusing approach of combining miasms, totality and essence with sound knowledge in materia medica.

Practical re-enforcement of classical Hahnemannian-Kentian approach: consistent and repeatedly verified, even in the drug dependent cases, see how it works! (Guarantees confidence in materia medica as the medicines are presented through personification, pictures of faces, gestures etc and extensive comparison with related medicines – see attached file)

Non-confusing straight forward century old classical approach: prescriptions based on materia medica (qualitative totality not quantitative)!

Dates and times:

Two years course (part time)


Two years course @ £850 per year (instalments available)

How to apply:

Send your details with a photocopy of undergraduate qualification to Allen College of Homeopathy, along with deposit of £200 (payable to Allen College of Homeopathy).

Who to contact:

Dr Subrata K Banerjea Principal Allen College of Homoeopathy

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