Teaching innovation award

Our Teaching innovation award recognises  inspirational and innovative teaching at our accredited colleges. Each year we invite applications from colleges that want to share an example of a learning activity that  promotes student centred learning, uses novel techniques and/or technologies in the delivery of education, or promotes inclusion of the student voice.

In 2016, Salisbury Homeopathy College won the award for its lesson: ‘Desert Island Discs – Homeopathic style.’ This was an interactive end of year activity that brought all students and tutors together. It used music to reinforce the importance of key remedy information which developed self awareness on levels of knowledge, and a  better understanding of remedy pictures, as well as personal and professional skills.

Teaching development award

Our Teaching development award recognises the development of teaching standards. Colleges are asked to submit examples of course development that shows improving quality, the driving of standards at level 6, or the creation of new frameworks or benchmarks to support teaching and learning.

The winning submission for 2016 was North West College of Homeopathy and its internal two-way system of communication that monitors student progress. The  system improves credibility, confidence and accountability, and drives standards and clinical competency. It was implemented after a long period of research and consultation. The system can be applied to clinics or across supervision and is benchmarked against Higher Education frameworks.

Student achievement award

Our Student achievement award goes to a student, nominated by their college or peers, who deserves special recognition on the national stage. Recipients  will have made a real difference among their peers, produced some fantastic work, or navigated themselves admirably through a really challenging journey.

Our 2016 winner was Laura Baudin, from the School of Homeopathy. Despite being blind and having English as her second language, she has excelled throughout her four-year education. Staff said she was a joy to have in the school.

The words used by her peers to describe Laura included inspiring, positive, friendly, and a great listener.

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