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Emma Colley RSHom

I first remember knowing what I wanted to do in terms of a career when I was 7. I was going to be a vet. Over the next 10 years this evolved into becoming an equine acupuncturist. Until I realised I was far more interested in people and how they worked. So a quick reassessment of options and I studied for a BSc in Psychology and Neuroscience. Which I loved – for its pure science and awareness of human nature, pathology, anatomy and more. And yet there was always something not quite enough.

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Joanne Shipley RSHom

I have been passionate about homeopathy ever since it worked its immediate magic on the tonsillitis I had each year. I was an army officer then, but started a correspondence course in this natural medicine. It didn’t take long to realise that I was more interested in studying homeopathy than military staff college! In 2003 I gave up my army career to train as a homeopath, knowing that this was where my future lay. I continued with the Territorial Army whilst studying full time at the University of Westminster – a perfect mix in terms of time and funding.

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