Unspent conviction information for applicants

The Disclosure of Conviction Procedure applies to homeopaths who want to be, or who are, registered members of the Society of Homeopaths (the Society). Public protection is of the utmost importance to the Society, as is the reputation and standing of homeopathy. Consequently, the Society tries to make certain, as far as it is reasonably practicable, that members are trustworthy, and accountable to, their patients and the Society and, in doing so, protect the public and the reputation of the Society.

Under this Procedure the Society reserves the right to assess applications for membership and to be assured that an applicant can work in accordance with its Code of Ethics and Practice. The Society can reject a membership application, where the information disclosed leads to doubts about an applicant’s suitability for membership.

SoH-guidance-on-making-disclosures May 2020


SoH-criminal-convictions-disclosure-form May 2020 

SoH-conviction-disclosures-faqs May 2020

SoH-fitness-to-practice-disclosures-faqs May 2020

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