About the Society

The designation RSHom is your guarantee of a well-trained, registered and insured healthcare professional. In September 2014, the Society’s register was accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

AVRlogo 300x139The Society of Homeopaths is the largest organisation registering homeopaths in the UK and in September 2014, the Society’s register was accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Founded in 1978 to forward the development of the profession, its aim is high quality homeopathic health care for all.

The Society fulfils this aim by:

  • Developing and maintaining high standards for the practice of homeopathy
  • Developing and maintaining for public use a Register of homeopaths who practise to the standards required by the Society, and abide by the Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice
  • Protecting the public’s freedom to have homeopathic treatment now and in the future
  • Promoting public awareness of homeopathy and encouraging its responsible use in the home
  • Promoting and supporting the establishment of education and training in homeopathy

The Society of Homeopaths Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registered No. 01392004). It is also a not-for-profit organisation, which means that rather than having any shareholders expecting dividends, we reinvest any surplus straight back into the company to support our members and the profession.

Membership credibilityguaranteedlogo

There are various levels of membership from new students through to full registered homeopaths. Our Registered Members (RSHom) complete rigorous training (normally three years full time or four years part time) with one of our recognised course providers, which includes supervised clinical practice. During their first year on the Register, they then engage in a programme of continuing professional development (CPD) and complete a CPD portfolio.

For those who qualified through a different pathway, we offer an alternative route to demonstrate fulfilment of our entry criteria. This is based on evaluation of a short portfolio and an interview with two members of our Individual Route panel.

For full details see our leaflets ‘Registration with the Society’ or ‘Individual route to registration.

For information about the Society download our Credibility Guaranteed brochure: click here

The Society of Homeopaths is a membership organisation governed by a board of directors, which consists of six homeopaths elected by members together with three lay members, appointed for their expertise in specific areas.

National office and departmental staff are available to answer queries from members and from the public. They provide management and administrative support for Society activities and are the first port of call for enquiries.

Trading Company

TradCo is the Society’s trading company, offering a wide range of affordable homeopathic and practice-support merchandise to homeopaths and the public alike.

Engagement with other organisations

The Society is an active founding member of The European Central Council of Homeopaths (ECCH). Representatives of the Society participate in the work of The Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare. The Society is in liaison with national and regional organisations concerned with all aspects of health, such as The Department of Health, Private Medical Insurance Companies and The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

Future developments

Read more about the work of the Society and how we plan to develop: click here