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Society members the annual on-line membership survey is out now!

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As part of the boards commitment to transparency and accountability, the Society research policy has been changed to reflect popular membership opinion.

The Society is currently seeking candidates to stand for election to the board of directors. With an application date of January ahead, Maggie Dixon and Hilary Fairclough share their experience as new members of the board of directors.

Society board members and staff attended the All Parliamentary Group December meeting to explore the current challenges and new potential opportunities within healthcare posed by Brexit.

This week is World Antibiotic Awareness Week. WHO is encouraging all Member States, health partners, students and the public to join the campaign to help raise awareness of antibiotic resistance, with the aim of reducing the global use of antibiotics. 

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Society calls for 'benefit to be construed in the widest sense'



The Society of Homeopaths in responding to the Charitiy Commission's consultation on organisations promoting CAM, has called for a holistic approach to assessing benefit "benefit must be construed in the widest and most holistic sense.... any evidence of benefit should simply need to be plausible rather than conclusive as the latter would support that scientific validity in a prerequisite of a charity, which it is not"

Elsewhere in the submission the Society called for a variety of types of research and evidence to be used as well as a broad definition of the concept of public benefit. It also highlighted CAM's popularity within the general population and its official endorsement by many governments around the world.

As part of their consultation the Charity Commission held two small workshops to discuss the issue. Attendees included Mark Taylor, CEO of the Society of Homeopaths and Simon Singh, leader of the skeptic movement.

Sue Crump, interim chair of the Society's new Communications Committee, welcomed the Commission's openness but felt it unfortunate that this review had been prompted by the mischievous actions of a small group of ill-informed campaigners. "Nevertheless, we welcome the opportunity to highlight the fantastic work undertaken by CAM charities, the evidence of their effectiveness and the huge public benefit they bring".


The Society's response to the consultation may be viewed here 

New team head up Society


The future of the Society and current issues facing the profession shaped the first meeting of the new board of Directors following the AGM in Oxford in March.

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Society responds to inquiry into integrated healthcare


The Society has made a comprehensive submission to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare inquiry into all aspects of complementary and alternative healthcare leading to a major report for government, agencies, press and stakeholders.

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Society condemns 'biased attitude towards Homeopathy'

The Society has submitted a complaint with the BBC about an unbalanced item it ran on the Today Programme on Friday 31st March, highlighting the BBC's 'consistent line across all of its platforms of opposition to, and disparagement of, Homeopathy.' click here
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Emma Hayes takes over as Professional Standards Manager


Emma Hayes has been appointed to succeed Victoria Garratt as the Society of Homeopath’s Professional Standards Manager.

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